Saturday, January 26, 2008

Si Se Puede. The Election Continues.

Let me preface this by saying, my intent is to remain unbiased as I continue to post my comments on probably one of the most important elections in history. I'm a political animal, always have been. I can't help it. I find it fascinating. That said:

Another primary, another great Obama speech. The man is unbelievable. I can feel him channeling Martin Luther King, JFK, RFK and yes, Ronald Reagan as he works his magic at the podium and in front of the cameras. His numbers in South Carolina today, Saturday, 1/26/08, were amazing. As was Caroline Kennedy's New York Times endorsement of Barack Obama as the candidate who most reminded her of her father. Heavy words of praise, for sure.

Yes, today, the state that started the Civil War gave Obama a more than double win over Clinton. A true smack down for the Clintons' recent race-as-politics issues. I think it clearly proves voters are beyond these hateful tactics and want to move in a new, cleaner, more wholesome direction. We're so over that old school stuff.

It was surprising to me that Edwards made such a poor showing in the state he calls his own. But it's culling-of-the-Democrat-candidates' time, folks, and we all know that everyone wants to ride a winner. Edwards is a powerhouse with great ideas—actually, he is the candidate with the most substantive ideas for lifting America out of our dire straits. And he has done much to help push the two front runners in the correct direction. He's smart, decisive, and extremely instrumental in whatever change happens in November. You gotta give Edwards his kudos for that. When asked hard questions, he gives real answers and not platitudes. Refreshing, but it won't get him to the White House, I'm sure. Whether he's running, pushing, or simply hoping for a position in the next cabinet, he's doing something. At great expense to him and his family. Nobody rides for free.

Watching the returns on I was inspired to see the numbers of viewers and the percentages of Boomers, near Boomers, and older who were online and participating, while the younger viewers were posting comments saying the older generation was "out of touch" and didn't understand "the issues" confronting our country today. Obviously, BraveNewFilms is a young, hip, progressive site and their coverage should naturally skew to the younger generation. But the older generation is still way interested and involved. And very much a web-savvy group, as noted by the numbers below. (I would say this is a heads up to web marketers—but you already know that.)

Today's South Carolina Coverage/BraveNewFilms online viewer numbers by age:
Under 21: 6%
21 to 30: 22%
31 to 40: 14%
41 to 50: 17%
51 to 60: 24%
61+: 17%

To me, this substantial number of older viewers (58%) could say that younger voters simply aren't as interested as their older counterparts in election results. Not true. As election returns show, the younger constituents are turning out, getting involved, and voting in the primaries in unheard of numbers, which is a great sign for us all. Keep it up, Millenniums. We need your voice and your ideas. We need real change in politics and in the direction of this country and the world. You bring that to the table.

As for the Republicans, I don't even go there, as it's a mind-numbing blur. Staying the course. No change, no deviation. Business as usual. As if the American people aren't rising up and screaming for change. Do these guys even poll? No matter which candidate is in the media spotlight at the moment, the Republican candidates are not giving up the battle cry even if substantial numbers of Americans are tuned out—and switching horses. Good for change; bad for them. Also interesting that CNN had so many Republicans on camera today when they didn't even have a Republican caucus. "Equal time?" Whatever. And it wasn't just FOX doing this.

Finally, "Si Se Puede" is the Spanish translation of Barack Obama's mobilizing cry, "Yes, We Can." Which will be Obama's next move—to prove to the Hispanics that we are one people, one America. (His mantra.) More on that as we continue with the most exciting and important election we've had in generations. Or as one 30-something California voter stated, "It's the first time I've ever had a reason to vote in a Primary." Let's hope we all do.

Film at 11.