Thursday, October 25, 2012

We Can Do This.

Hoo boy! Will we all be glad when this is over. Come on November 6th! I'm sighing already. Bu bye acrimony. Hello pal-imony Friendship, alliances, once again moving forward.  All the posturing and pandering finished for a while.

I don't know how politics became such a blood sport, or when. I always paid attention, but it never really seemed this petulant. I mean a candidate can't say, "Where's the loo" without idiots putting it on a YouTube mash up video. Stop already.

Truth is, these two guys just aren't that interesting. Not that it's their fault. They're charming enough, got enough facets. I'd be happy to sit with them at dinner. But enough already. We know too much about them. A little discretion, please. They've been dissected as much as we can, now let’s move on.

Let's move on to ending world hunger, to world peace, and to our lightness of Being. Let's make our concerted efforts be about bettering a person or a people, a species or a place. Or a planet. How about a planet?

We can do this. We can recover from this horrid and seemingly never ending Presidential election of 2012 and think, write, speak and do greatness again. After all, we’re Americans. It’s what we do.