Sunday, July 19, 2009

Love is Strange

I have been given great chances to love on this planet, in this life. Some were not-to-be-missed white-hot relationships and some were truly great loves. Some I've blown mightily. Some I've made magnificent. But always they've been felt at the deepest level. And they've all been important, historic, and shaped who I am. I bless all of these great loves of my life. And to borrow someone's great line, all of them were you.

But there's nothing, nothing that even comes close to the love I feel for my daughter and my son. My son because he's my first, my sought after, my soul longing to express itself in a new first creation. And he's so amazing. So insightful. He's like talking to my smarter self. I feel his great love, his compassion and understanding of life, which he's slow to express in his maleness, but it's there and it's deep. And sweet.

But ah, my daughter, my daughter. What kind of love is this? Love for myself, perhaps? We're so different, and yet so alike, in so many ways. Letting my son go to college and on into his own life was torture for me. And now, letting her go is agony. Missing her beautiful looks, her warmth, her calm intelligence, her fabulous wit, her simple beingness in the room with me. Watching her flower into her potential. I'm missing that.

To love this greatly is to feel so much. Sometimes I almost think it's better not to have loved at all. But it's not. It's not.

Maybe I should get a dog.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Social Networking Du Jour

Erika Engle and I were actually having a "live" telecon tonight. She, the star "Buzz" biz columnist for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Me, a marketing director of Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, a very fun, fascinating and "chicken skin" museum/visitor attraction at Pearl Harbor (#1 destination in HI).

Just sayin...the social community explosion is both heartwarming and almost overwhelming. The incredible closeness we've all attained and grow hourly via this "cold" electronic medium. Wow, a kazillion of us are on board with it. Fun, informative.

It's all about community, shared interest, and what we in Hawaii would call, "lotta Aloha." Planet-wide. Not to wax too sweet, but I think it works. Example: Iran online. How we've grown from Obama's using the web to covering Iran's election. What if we'd been tweeting, etc., this heavily when Bush was first elected? Actually some were. Actually glad I wasn't. TMI.

Stay tuned and if you watch TV, watch Stephen Colbert's hair grow.

Aloha pumehana

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Friends Indeed

You'll find them tweeting and giving good face, blogging and phoning it in by text. But today in this very fast paced media-centric world, we're communicating more than ever. It's interesting the shift. First we hid behind email where we learned to share very little since it can be used against you. Then with the new social media, we're sharing our deepest razor cuts in the morning and our late night laptop exploits. And we're writing again. I love it.

Many of us who were born communicators, majored in it and then made it our life profession, do it well. And we often do it with a purpose. Our clients, our companies where we're the communications pros, have great pages and info, of course. We're building biz brand and we know it.

But everyone else is just having fun and sharing stuff. And I like it, a lot.

The more we share, the more we have.

Aloha pumehana