Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Social Networking Du Jour

Erika Engle and I were actually having a "live" telecon tonight. She, the star "Buzz" biz columnist for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Me, a marketing director of Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, a very fun, fascinating and "chicken skin" museum/visitor attraction at Pearl Harbor (#1 destination in HI).

Just sayin...the social community explosion is both heartwarming and almost overwhelming. The incredible closeness we've all attained and grow hourly via this "cold" electronic medium. Wow, a kazillion of us are on board with it. Fun, informative.

It's all about community, shared interest, and what we in Hawaii would call, "lotta Aloha." Planet-wide. Not to wax too sweet, but I think it works. Example: Iran online. How we've grown from Obama's using the web to covering Iran's election. What if we'd been tweeting, etc., this heavily when Bush was first elected? Actually some were. Actually glad I wasn't. TMI.

Stay tuned and if you watch TV, watch Stephen Colbert's hair grow.

Aloha pumehana

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