Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ready for Hillary, Already

I blog because I can. I eat because I must. I exercise because I'm ashamed not to. I die so that I may live? I don't know. I try to be existential about everything, including this never ending acrimonious election and I die. Inside. A little each day. Enough already.

Last blog I posted was 2012--about wanting THAT acrimonious election dirt-digging to be over. Sigh. I sighed then. I sigh now.

I loved what Oprah said to the audience in a recent video interview. And I paraphrase: "I know you may not like Hillary, but so what? She's not coming over to your house!" Indeed. She's the most experienced, prepared, knowledgeable presidential candidate probably ever. And she works for women's, children's and family rights. So, let's get over ourselves, 'Murica, and follow the advice of the TV show host apparently everyone loves--Oprah. Not Drumph. He's only planning, preening, posturing, selling, dividing Americans to gain reality show market clout, anyway. Knowing he's losing, crying "rigged" at every opportunity, he's also busy hustling his new TV channel idea to homeboys like Roger Ailes and friends. Win or lose, we'll still have the Donald. I die.

Never have we sunk so low as to call women despicable names, just to gain voters. America's rascism reared its ugly head with the Obamas in the White House. Now, with Hillary Clinton our next president, watch out ladies. It's gonna get nasty out. Donald said so.